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Meet The Lab

Sara Jones

Principal Investigator


I am mainly responsible for throwing parties. In my spare time I write grants and try to pay the bills. For fun I read papers on the effects of chronic exposure to drugs and alcohol on the brain.

Jason Locke

Lab Manager

I'm primarily responsible for running microdialysis, HPLC, and handling lab financials. In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, horse racing, and fine bourbons. 

steven albertson.jpg

Steven Albertson

Lab Tech

I'm mainly in charge of rodent husbandry, genotyping, and jugular cath surgeries. My hobbies include extolling the virtues of electric vehicles and saving up for a (one way) ticket to Mars.

Katie Holleran


I am primarily interested in the interaction between affective disorders (such as anxiety and depression) and alcohol use and misuse. Outside of lab, I enjoy drawing, traveling with my husband, and spending time with my dog and cat.

Lindsey Kuiper


My primary research interest is the neurobiology of substance abuse, and the influence of social and environmental factors on the development of addiction.  I greatly enjoy exploring new places, playing video games with (i.e. better than) my husband, college football (Hotty Toddy), and thoughtful discourse on movie/TV trivia.


Alyssa West


My primary research interest is understanding the role of dopamine in substance abuse disorders. I am also interested in how pain treatment options can alter dopamine, and in particular how opioid receptors modulate those changes. Outside of the lab, I enjoy the outdoors (when it's warm enough) and spending time with my fiance and our dog.

I am an MD/PhD student, currently in my 3rd year of grad school. I’m interested in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying addiction and finding potential treatments to help my future patients. Outside of the lab I enjoy bargain shopping, cooking, painting, and spending time with my family and husband.   


Gracie Peck

Grad Student

Madelyn Mauterer

PhD Candidate

I am a fourth year grad student interested in the neurobiology of cocaine abuse using rodent models. My hobbies including running, watching parks and rec, and going grocery shopping at Costco.

01-19 Estave.jpg

Paige Estave

PhD Candidate

Brianna George

Grad Student

Hi! I’m Bri! I took too long to give the webmaster my bio so he’s writing it for me. I’m interested in researching the role of early life stress in heroin addiction; however, I spend most of my time listening to sappy acoustic covers of popular music.

Hi! I’m Gracie! I'm still working on my bio. All that really matters is that I'm a huge ABBA fan. Whether the performance be hologram or corporeal, I'll never miss the opportunity to humbly bow at the feet of Sweden's (and Earth's) greatest band.

Former Lab Members

Ryan Lacy

Franklin and Marshall College

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Spencer McCarthy

Masters Graduate

Anushree Karkhanis

Binghamton University

Assistant Professor of Psychology

James Melchior

Vanderbilt University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jamie Rose-Gunderson

PhD Graduate

Steve Fordahl


Assistant Professor 

Dept .of Nutrition


Mark Ferris

Wake Forest University

Assistant Professor

Cody Siciliano

Vanderbilt University

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Erin Calipari

Vanderbilt Univerity

Assistant Professor

Dept of Pharmacology

Jordan Yorgason


Assistant Professor

Evgeny Budygin 185x146.jpg

Evgeny Budygin

Wake Forest

Assistant Professor


Rodrigo España

Drexel University

Assistant Professor Dept of Neurology and Anatomy

Tiffany Mathews.jpg

Tiffany Matthews

Wayne State University

Assistant Professor Dept of Chemistry


Bethany Brookshire

Science Blogger

Eureka! Lab and Scicurious

Yolanda Mateo_cropped.jpg

Yolanda Mateo

National Institutes of Health

Lab Chief

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